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Workplace Programs

Onsite or Remote Trainings in Mindfulness & Compassion 

Mindful Labs offers onsite or web-based video conferencing trainings in Mindfulness, Compassion and Positive Psychology for the Workplace.

Offered in various formats for the unique needs of the workplace, these course teach participants how to cultivate greater awareness to reduce stress, improve focus and concentration, create responses rather than reactions, build resiliency, and live happier, healthier lives.

The Benefits at Work

Mindfulness in studies has been found to reduce anxiety, burnout, symptoms of stress, and mind-wandering, and found to increase immune function, moral reasoning and ethical decision making, emotional resilience, creative thinking, mood and well being. Through experiential exercises, didactic and group discussion, our workplace courses will help participants cultivate a greater awareness of their thought patterns, emotions, bodies and inner wisdom as it relates to both their personal and professional lives, in addition to an increased awareness of daily opportunities to practice living a healthy, vibrant life.

How might the company benefit?

  • Increased employee focus and awareness= more productivity and creativity

  • Improved employee productivity and efficiency= higher profits

  • Shifts in perception= better decision making and more positive outlook

  • Reduced stress= reduced related claims and recruitment costs

  • Reduced employee sick days

  • Increased staff morale

  • Increase in compassion for self and other= improved customer care and better relationships with coworkers, clients, and suppliers.

Please contact us if you are interested in a workplace program or learning more.

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